Profile and Products

מדי-כל שרותי סיעוד ושיקוםProfile and Products

Providing nursing services by a team of nurses, male and female
care-takers, patient treatment, rehabilitation and orthopedic equipment,
medical equipment, and selling medical uniform.
Medi-Col was established in 1988, and is run by Galia Dardik and Mina Primovich.

The Company is authorized by the National Insurance, Legal social security and employs a social worker and a certified nurse, in the supervising and managing staff.
The Company offers its medical, rehabilitation and nursing services in hospitals or in your own private home.
All of our staff is well-trained and experienced, including authorized nurses, paramedics, aid men, and medical students.


In Medi-Col, you can purchase or hire rehabilitation equipment, carriages, walkers,
and mattresses for the prevention of pressure injuries.
In addition, we provide various healing devices, which assist people with physical difficulties in their everyday life.
An authorized physiotherapist will help you choose the right equipment, suited to each individual.
In Medi-Col, you will find medical clothing, robes, suits and fashionable tunics for nurses, doctors and laboratory staff in high quality.

Amongst the Company's clients

The Electric Company, hospitals, medical clinics, homes for the elderly, rehabilitation centers, insurance agencies, kibbutzim, Alcohol Rehab-Center, settlements and private clients.

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